A very minor survey of blogisms

August 23, 2007 at 3:38 am | Posted in Assignments, Thoughts | Leave a comment

I’ve been using Peter-Paul Koch’s website, Quirks mode, as a reference for the past couple of years while working on various web projects. The site describes and catalogs many idiosyncratic differences in HTML, CSS and JavaScript exhibited by web browsers that plague developers. He has also published a book by the same name.

Knowing that his website is such a great resource, I went looking for a blog and was happy with what I found. The blog is as interesting and useful as the website. If you develop websites and don’t know of this resource, you don’t know what you are missing.

If you haven’t heard, Internet Radio stations are currently under threat of annihilation. The blog at Digitally Imported is but one of many places across the net chronicling this travesty.

The recording studios, using their proxy SoundExchange, have demanded excessive per listener statutory licensing rates, rates in excess of satellite radio, itself a barely profitable business model. They are threatening stations with little annual income with million dollar bills, with billion dollar fees for larger sites. To ensure destruction, the fees have been backdated a year. Meanwhile, terrestrial radio pays no such fees. At the moment the hour of execution has been paused, but the future remains uncertain. Help Save Net Radio and contact your congress people.

Like shinyaryart, I’ll probably begin reading Game Blogs this semester just because it looks like it might be interesting.

Penny Arcade is probably well known to most of us. More a web comic than a blog, the blog acts as a sound board for the comics creators, Gabe and Tycho. The melding of comic and commentary provides telling insight into the gaming world and its norms. Posts range from con experiences, to making fun of over hyped games, to telling self-referential criticism (Green Blackboards (And Other Anomalies)).

Slashdot, an online community, was one of the precursors of community driven link sites such as kuro5hin, Digg and Reddit. Styled as “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters”, Slashdot allows users to submit stories and post comments. While the site has been in decline, its hordes created the term slashdotting due to the tremendous surge of visitors a site would receive upon posting a story (back in the day when people read stories and computers were less capable). A number of Internet memes, such as RTFA, “hot grits”, mis-labeled links to goats.cx (which apparently originated on 4chan, NSFW), “first posts” and the like started here.


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